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Chain of Diamonds Quilt Pattern

Chain, chain, chain, chain of…..diamonds. Sing it with me! The author of this chain of diamonds pattern suggests making the diamond blocks and the 9 patches separately and then connecting them via the white “E” pieces. However, the diamonds are cut full size so the “E” piece is an inset with the diamond points converging

54-40 or Fight Star Quilt Pattern

I suppose back in the day when they were naming quilt patterns there were already a bunch of star blocks and when naming this block a fight broke out and somebody was laying down odds on the winner…..ok, maybe not. This is easy enough for a beginner and interesting enough for a seasoned quilter. Of

Carnival Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Another scraptastic quilt pattern but with pinwheels this time. There’s a fair bit of cutting involved but seaming the octagons should be easy enough. The sequence starts with sewing the “B” pieces together, then the center piece “A”. If it’s too fussy to attach the hex sides then applique is your friend like stitching down

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

Double your pleasure, double your fun with this Double Wedding  Ring pattern. This classic pattern has it all for the quilter than enjoys the challenge of curves and small pieces that make up those curves. Not for the faint of heart. However, there is an option to use 6 or 8 segments and the pieces

Gardener’s Prize Quilt Pattern

Pretty sure this quilt pattern isn’t that well known as Gardener’s Prize but probably goes by many other names. It looks like it would be as easy as a Dresden Plate but not as complicated as a Mariner’s Compass. The pattern uses a combination of piecing for the points and then once assembled stitched down

Hands All Around Quilt Pattern

Hands All Around probably came from the old quilting bees where many hands make light work. I’d recommend this pattern for an advanced quilted as the bias edges can be tricky to work with. Spray starch helps or if I were to make this quilt I’d use Elmer’s school glue to keep the edges from

Kansas Dugout Vintage Quilt Pattern

This Kansas Dugout pattern has been around awhile. I don’t know the history but I’m guessing it appeared in the Kansas City Star newspaper, famous for their regular offerings of quilting patterns. I’m sure it helped with their subscriptions! Just 2 pieces, a square and a double pointy rectangle (advanced mathematical term unknown to google)

Maple Leaf Quilt Pattern – Pieced

This pieced maple leaf pattern looks pretty complicated but it’s just squares and half triangles with an appliqued stem. Traditionally one would use autumn colors of rust, gold and brown but those of use that are trying to use up scraps live on the wild side and sort for light and dark colors only. The

Nine Patch Star Quilt Block – Free Pattern

The basic 9 patch quilt block gets an upgrade with some radiant points at the corners. The pattern is vintage, published before rotary cutters became the norm for cutting squares and half triangles so it’s only the corners that have to be fussy cut. Of course, you don’t have to make all the blocks the