Chain of Diamonds Quilt Pattern

chain of diamondsChain, chain, chain, chain of… Sing it with me! The author of this chain of diamonds pattern suggests making the diamond blocks and the 9 patches separately and then connecting them via the white “E” pieces. However, the diamonds are cut full size so the “E” piece is an inset with the diamond points converging in the middle. An easier way would be to cut the diamond pattern in half (adding a seam allowance) and then the “E” pieces plus the half diamonds would make up a square unit between the nine patches.

Notice the B pieces at the edge? You’re supposed to place the edge on a strip of border fabric and applique them down. Call me lazy but I’dd use half square triangles to fill in the points and a half diamond between the “C” pieces. Reducing the width of the “E” piece should fit between the “C” pieces.

Here’s the LINK to download the free pattern as a pdf file.