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Easy Cutter Midwest #1126 Soft Wood Excellent Condition


Midwest Easy Cutters for hobbyists.

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These easy cutters by Midwest were made to cut soft wood like basswood for hobbyists that make miniatures.  Around here we use bolt cutters on everything but we’re into overkill.  These weigh in at nearly 12 ounces.

midwest easy cutters #1126 old heavy Taiwan made $32.95 free shipping

  • Cut at 90 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Very sharp blades.
  • Cuts clean though up to 1/4″ thick stock.
  • Replaceable blades available.
  • Ideal for models, miniature kits, and hobby building.
  • Made in Taiwan

The new ones are made in China and maybe Taiwan manufacturing isn’t much better BUT if you look on the Amazon site a new pair of these weighs 8 ounces but these weigh 12 ounces.  Hmmmmm.

If the weight is correct on the Amazon site then Midwest has cheapened their product and left the model name and number intact fooling their customer into thinking it’s the same product.  That is not cool in our book.  Charge more if you must but don’t sacrifice quality. There’s a reviewer on Amazon that isn’t happy about the change either.


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