belt buckles and bag handles

leather belt with butterfly by Valerie Stevens $7 with free shipping
Women’s Tan Leather Belt Butterfly Embellishment Size S/M
This is a new genuine leather belt from Valerie Stevens with a leather butterfly attached. Retail was 26 bucks! Size S/M. Sold individually or in lots of 6 or 12 where they get progressively cheaper.
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rectangular black swarovski belt buckle $2.95 free shipping
Swarovski Crystal Belt Buckles Assorted Sizes
Genuine Swarovski Crystal Belt Buckles mostly black with one set in white. Sizes range from small to large and shapes are round, oval and rectangular. Sold individually by the package.
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dritz boutique jeweled belt buckles round oval square sold in lots of 5 for $8.95 free shipping
Dritz Jeweled Belt Buckles Round Oval Square Lot NIP
These jeweled belt buckles can be used just about anywhere to add some sparkle. Handbags come to mind. There are 2 lots, 5 buckles in each lot---one square and one oval/round.
$8.95 Select options