huge lot of acrylic beads - 2125 beads $24.95 with free shipping - plenty of variety including crystal
Acrylic Beads in Packages The Beadery Rounds Butterflies
Hey Mom, how about a beading party for the kids? Here's a fun lot of acrylic beads - 11 packages in this lot and over 2300 beads.
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blending chalk by inkadinkado - new soft tone set for $14.95 free shipping
Inkadinkado Blending Chalks Soft Tones Free Shipping
Chalk is good. For doing art and coloring on sidewalks. In drinks, not so much.  This is the soft tone set with 24 colors. There is some chipping in the chalk on a couple of the colors but they still work just fine.
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wool bland fabric for sale world's finest
Grey Stripe Wool Blend Fabric From the World’s Finest
This has been in my stash for a number of years and still pristine as ever. Yup, this 100% wool plaid fabric is from the world's finest, none other than B. Black and Sons. 57" wide and sold by the yard.
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black wool stretch gabardine fabric for sale
Stretch Wool Gabardine Fabric in Black
I usually don't take pictures of black fabric because they usually look grey and hey, we all know what black fabric looks like. Anyway, this stretch wool gabardine is 97 percent wool and 3% lyrca and 54" wide. Sold by the yard.
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new handbag handles for sale
Faux Not Leather Handbag Handles Lot of 11 New Handles
For being not leather these handbag handles are pretty nice.  There are 11 in all, five are wrapped individually and the other 6 are in pairs.  Note the widths and colors in the description.
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clay molds of animals for sale
Small Animal Clay Molds Lot of 14
Make your next kid party a clay party! These clay molds mostly of animals and a jester head will keep the kids busy. Please do not ask if I'm going to come over and clean up the mess. You know the answer.
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leather accents and embroidered fabric labels for scrapbooking and mixed media
Leather Accents and Beaded Snowflakes Scrapbooking Lot
Here's some cool leather accents to spruce up your scrapbooks or mixed media collages.  New packages, 24 in all.
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glitter initials iron on transfers lot for sale
Gold Silver Glitter iron on Monogram Initials Lot
Hey kids! Check out these vintage groovy glitter initials in gold, silver and red. There are also cartoon alphabet letters, a lock and key iron on transfer, a silver flower iron-on and a "hot" velvet iron on (not pictured).  9 packages in all.  Iron on to clothing or sparkle up your scrapbooking project.
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oxidized brass loop chain for sale lot of 3 packages
Antique Brass Loop Chain Lot of 3 Packages
It's late, we're loopy so here's some loop chain for ya. The math genius in the family reckons there are about 3 feet of chain in each package. Gee, Plaid, couldn't ya have just said so on the package? 3 packages in this lot for a total of 9 feet or thereabouts.
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swarovski cyrstal buttons
Swarovski Crystal Buttons 1/2 inch
Genuine Swarovski buttons 1/2" in diameter and are packaged 3 to a card. Choose from square crystal, round AB crystal or round silver/grey.
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Sale! embroidered appliques for embellishing clothing or scrapbooking
Huge Lot of 50 Iron-on Embroidered Appliques New Pkgs
Most of these appliques are still in their original packaging and are are new except for the green "go" in the last picture. The 50 count doesn't include those little flowers also in the last picture. A great mix of fun for you and the kids!
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mirrors for shishi or embellishing fabric
Vintage Shishi Mirrors and Dazzles Flex Mirrors
There was probably a time when these were hanging on a wall in a craft shop in a land that wasn't filled with big box stores. I was much younger then and was considered quite fair if not the fairest of them all! Note the package says "mirror studs" ha ha!! There are 12 in that package and some nifty pronged rings if you're not using them Shishi style and there are 15 circles in the flex-o-mirror package.
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