plastic eye droppers 20 pieces for $11.95 free shipping
Plastic Eye Droppers Lot of 20
These plastic eye droppers are handy to have around for getting the drop on science or your next art project. They're about 3-3/4" overall and have a line mark at the .05 mil level. Individually wrapped and you'll get 20 eye droppers.
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awesome crystal clear beaded fringe 2 yards $9.95 with free shipping
Beaded Fringe Clear Crystal Hearts Home Decorating Crafts
Stunning! So many uses for beaded fringe - lampshades, pillows, trimming out a window valance. Normally I'm not attracted to shiny objects but beaded fringe is the exception.  You'll get one piece - 2 yards in length.
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beaded fringe for home decorating or dance constumes 1-3/4 yards $9.95 free shipping
Beaded Fringe Green Purple Hearts Crafting Home Decor
Stunning! So many uses for beaded fringe - lampshades, pillows, trimming out a window valance. This color combo of green and purple looks like spring garden to me. 1 piece 1-3/4 yards in length.
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Mother of Pearl MOP Oval Beads Coral Green
Mother of Pearl MOP Oval Beads Coral Green
There are 3 different bead groups - ovals in coral or green and diamonds in turquoise - all mother of pearl. Sold in one lot of 32 beads.
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rectangular black swarovski belt buckle $2.95 free shipping
Swarovski Crystal Belt Buckles Assorted Sizes
Genuine Swarovski Crystal Belt Buckles mostly black with one set in white. Sizes range from small to large and shapes are round, oval and rectangular. Sold individually by the package.
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vintage lot of 6 decks of miniature playing cards for $11.95 free shipping
Vintage Miniature Playing Cards Hoyle 6 Decks New Used
These vintage miniature playing cards were probably made as novelties or for kids to play with but I thought they would be cool in mixed media collage. Lot of 6 decks, 4 of them new and 2 used but complete.
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lot of 5 new packages of swarovski sew on buttons for sale $6.95 free shipping
Swarovski Sew on Buttons Pure Allure NIP Lot of 5 Pkgs
Genuine Swarovski sew on buttons in oval and teardrop shapes. Lot of 5 Pure Allure packages for a total of 13 buttons.
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dritz boutique jeweled belt buckles round oval square sold in lots of 5 for $8.95 free shipping
Dritz Jeweled Belt Buckles Round Oval Square Lot NIP
These jeweled belt buckles can be used just about anywhere to add some sparkle. Handbags come to mind. There are 2 lots, 5 buckles in each lot---one square and one oval/round.
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black satin fabric covered buttons $4.95 for a set of 12 - 3/4"
Black Satin Fabric Covered Buttons 3/4″ Lot of 12
Black satin fabric buttons 3/4" in diameter. Set of 12 buttons per order.
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mother of pearl buttons
Mother of Pearl Shell Buttons
Mother of pearl buttons 5/8" round in groups of 50 buttons in white, black lip (grey) or a combination of the two colors.
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Crown crested antique brass buttons
Crown Crest Metal Buttons Antique Brass
Metal shank style buttons with a crown crest in antique brass - 5/8" round (15mm). 12 buttons per order.
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