artist palette

We’re an artsy craftsy family that likes to create art from junk recycled materials and scraps of fabric. We get lots of ideas so we jump around a lot from making jewelry, painting or sewing with trusty needle and thread. Naturally we are always on the lookout for interesting materials to create our lovely works of art and consequently we cannot use all of the materials that we cart home from garage and estate sales.  So, here at Scrap Pony we offer them for sale and hopefully they create the spark for you that sets the wheels in motion.

As a seller of “things” we believe all things have value because of the tremendous labor that is necessary to bring a product to fruition—from design concept to manufacture to market. We do favor vintage goods made in the USA because they represent a time when quality goods were appreciated and not so easily disposed of. Many things were designed and manufactured to last a lifetime and when such an item is still in use by the 3rd generation, well, that’s pretty cool. Some of us are quite passionate about our cast iron skillets handed down to us by our grandparents!

So, that’s what Scrap Pony is all about. Goods for creativity and goods that are looking for a new home to be of service…..and that could be just about anything!