3lbs of quartz rough for $27.95 free shipping
Lapidary Quartz Rough For Cutting or Healing 3 lbs
Here's a rough quartz natural stone you can either cut up if you're into that sort of thing or leave as is for a paperweight or for meditation practice.  3.25 pounds and measures 6" x 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" high.
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leather belt with butterfly by Valerie Stevens $7 with free shipping
Women’s Tan Leather Belt Butterfly Embellishment Size S/M
This is a new genuine leather belt from Valerie Stevens with a leather butterfly attached. Retail was 26 bucks! Size S/M. Sold individually or in lots of 6 or 12 where they get progressively cheaper.
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vintage acrylic key chains $4.95 free shipping lot of 16
Vintage Acrylic Keychains with Gold Letter Monogram
If I remember correctly this was an early attempt to simulate tortoise shell using the wonder that is known as acrylic. Slap a gold letter on and you're good to go! They are 1-1/2" x 2-1/4" and there is a narrow variety of letters. 16 key chains in all. Read the description for more details.
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set of aunt martha's ballpoint tube paint - set of 8 paints $23.95 free shipping
Aunt Martha’s Ballpoint Paint Tubes 8 pk Basic Colors
Aunt Martha's all purpose paint contains 8 essential colors perfect for design on fabric, wood, leather, plastic, metal and glassware. Non-toxic permanent, washable and dry cleanable.  8 tubes in the set ---blue, green, orange, yellow, red, brown, white and black. New in box.
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gold rose beaded fringe remnant $2.50 free shipping
Beaded Fringe Remnants Home Decorating Scrapbooking
There are 3 pieces all different and sold individually. Normally, I'd just throw them (gently, of course) into a lot but sometimes all ya want is a little dab of scrap trim to slap on dress up a project.  See description for intimate details.
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feather trim fringe $5.95 free shipping
Fabulous Feather Trim Fringe Home Decorating Crafting
Birds of a feather.....end up as trim for flighty decorators. As usual I have them because they are just so cool and was thinkin' maybe a lampshade could benefit from some feather fringe.  There are 3 different types of feathers and all are attached to the twill tape with springy thingies.  Sold by the piece and each piece is approximately  1-1/2 yards.
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acrylic flat back gemstones in 12mm hearts and 8mm rounds $7.95 free shipping
Acrylic Gemstones Flat Back Hearts and Rounds Glue On
Plastic ain't what it used to be. These babies are sparkly and faceted and you can press your nose against them as if they were glass but then I don't know why you'd want to. You'll get 4 packs - 2 hearts and 2 rounds for a total of 140 pieces.
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chainette fringe in blue denim 2+ yards $5.95 free shipping
Chainette Fringe 2″ Denim Blue 2+ Yard Lot Home Decor
Fringe is one of those trims that never goes out of style and chainette fringe is a staple in home decor. Here we have 2-1/4 yards of denim blue. The fringe is 2" wide.
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beaded fringe in shades of brown 3 yards lot $12.95 free shipping
Beaded Fringe 3 Yard Lot Home Decorating Crafting
Three shades of brown in the beaded fringe work well with many neutral decorating schemes. You'll get 1 piece, 3 yards in length.
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plastic eye droppers 20 pieces for $11.95 free shipping
Plastic Eye Droppers Lot of 20
These plastic eye droppers are handy to have around for getting the drop on science or your next art project. They're about 3-3/4" overall and have a line mark at the .05 mil level. Individually wrapped and you'll get 20 eye droppers.
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awesome crystal clear beaded fringe 2 yards $9.95 with free shipping
Beaded Fringe Clear Crystal Hearts Home Decorating Crafts
Stunning! So many uses for beaded fringe - lampshades, pillows, trimming out a window valance. Normally I'm not attracted to shiny objects but beaded fringe is the exception.  You'll get one piece - 2 yards in length.
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beaded fringe for home decorating or dance constumes 1-3/4 yards $9.95 free shipping
Beaded Fringe Green Purple Hearts Crafting Home Decor
Stunning! So many uses for beaded fringe - lampshades, pillows, trimming out a window valance. This color combo of green and purple looks like spring garden to me. 1 piece 1-3/4 yards in length.
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